Is An Outdoor Adventure Right For You?

Who needs an outdoor adventure? The answer is everyone needs to spend time outdoors. It is proven by numerous studies to be a beneficial and essential to our mental and physical health (see Benefits for Participating in Outdoor Adventures).

If you are considering an outdoor adventure of any kind it is important to understand what the adventure is to ensure the activities are within your abilities. If you are unsure, we highly recommend consulting your health care professional or better yet, bring them along!

When deciding if an adventure is right for you:

  • Understand the physical requirements
  • Consider the duration and time of day
  • Determine if the weather or seasonal conditions are acceptable
  • Understand the type of clothing that is appropriate
  • Consider what you will need to bring with you

Understand the physical requirements

When considering an outdoor adventure be sure you understand the physical requirements necessary for each adventure before selecting the adventure that is right for you.

For example, when considering fishing adventures. Do you want to go on a leisurely cruise and fish from the boat? This adventure can accommodate most individuals with special needs including mobility impairments. There is no extra gear or special equipment. We provide the poles, the bait, and the refreshments.

Or do you prefer wade fishing early in the morning? While this adventure can be more rewarding, your abilities to walk in waist-high water while wade fishing and carrying additional gear needs to be considered.

Perhaps an evening adventure gigging flounder is more to your liking. For this activity, you will need to carry a flounder gig and wear lights while walking in the shallow waters close to shore at night.

Consider the duration and time of day

Most of our adventures are during the day with the exception of flounder gigging. Most adventures range from 4 to 6 hours. You should consider the time spent outdoors in the elements and plan accordingly.

Determine if the weather or seasonal conditions are acceptable

Going on an adventure in bad weather can be disastrous so it is extremely important to plan carefully. If the weather is unsafe for the adventure, we will reschedule your trip. However, there are other things to consider before your adventure when planning for your trip.

In the summer high temperatures are common so you will need to bring sun block and wear protective clothing. If you plan to wade fish, we highly recommend wearing waders and wading boots, which we do not provide.

Spring and Fall can have temperatures that vary greatly from sun up to sun down. We recommend comfortable layered clothing including rain gear.

Understand the type of clothing that is appropriate

Footwear is an important consideration. Will your adventure include wading or walking in the shallows? You may need waders or water shoes. Texas shorelines contain many natural hazards like oyster and clam shells that have very sharp edges. Having the right gear provides the right protection and helps ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

Consider what you will need to bring with you

You should also be aware of any licenses required by the state for the activity you will be participating in. There are a number of different possibilities to consider and we can make recommendations but ultimately you will be responsible to obtain the required license and stamps before our adventure. All required safety equipment will be provided and a safety review will be included at the beginning of each adventure.


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